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Tuning calculator: Discover your sound.

We’re here to help you create your perfect sound with our drum tuning calculator and drum tuner app. We created this innovative tool for you to utilize to find great pitches, so that you can go directly to tuning your drums without any guesswork or experimentation. 

This step-by-step process will help you find an awesome sound in an effortless way. 

Select your drum sizes

Every drum is unique. Your drum will have different tuning results based on what size drum you’re working with. Measure the diameter of each tom using a tape measure and enter them.

Please select at least one drum size.

Select your tuning preferences

Similar to how every drum is unique, everyone has unique tuning preferences based on the sound they are looking to achieve. The next three settings will let you tailor your sound.

Choose your resonance

Resonance is the sustain and attack of the drum and can be controlled by adjusting the relative lug pitches of the batter and resonant drumheads. 

A low resonance will have less sustain and more attack, higher resonance will have more sustain, warmth, and less attack. 

Please select your resonance preference.

Choose your pitch adjustment

This raises or lowers the fundamental pitch of each drum by a semi-tone.

Please select your pitch adjustment.

Choose your head tuning style

Choose batter head lower for more bass and less attack (most common) or batter head higher for more treble and more attack.

Batter Head Lower Batter Head Higher

Please select your tuning style.

Calculate tunings

Using a mobile device? Download our drum tuner app to use our drum tuning calculator while you’re on the go.

For Apple devices, open the App Store to search for tune-bot. For Android, you can launch the drum tuner app on Google Play to find us.

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