Every guitar player has an electronic tuner for speed and accuracy in tuning. Tuning a drum is much more time consuming and difficult than a guitar. Yet, until now there was no such thing as a real “drum tuner”. After years of research and development, Overtone Labs has finally created a fast, accurate, and effective drum tuner. This new invention is about to change the way you tune your drums, and more importantly, change the way your drums sound.


    • Lug pitch matching
    • Measuring and adjusting overall tone
    • Interval tuning of Toms
    • Returning to your drums’ optimal sound every time


    • Lug pitch measurement
    • Overall pitch measurement
    • Frequency and note modes
    • Overtone filters
    • Difference mode
    • 80+ Save Slots
    • Easy to read display with backlight
    • Drum hoop clip
    • Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations

Sound Better,

Tune Faster.


“Is drum tuning really as mysterious as many of us think it is? Not really. But does tuning strictly by ear and by feel take considerable experience, time, and patience to get right? You bet! That’s why we feel that you can’t go wrong in getting your hands on a Tune-bot, even if you’re already a skilled tuner. Personally, I’m always looking for new ways to get my drums sounding best – both heads tuned the same, top tighter, bottom tighter, and so on. But once I find a sweet spot, I’m sometimes hesitant to change anything for fear that I’ll never get the drum to sound that good again. Well, with the Tune-bot you can save the exact notes/pitches of the heads at that sweet spot and then experiment as much as you want. If you don’t discover any new useful sounds (I bet you will!), you can always retune the heads back to where they were previously. We also found really cool and musical results by tuning the entire kit precisely to notes of different chord types. And for the studio drummers looking to match the pitch of their toms and snares to the keys of the song being recorded, this thing is indispensable. No more guesswork.” – Michael Dawson, Dec. 2012

Protected by US Patents 8,502,060, 8,642,874, 8,742,242, 8,759,655, 9,135,904, 9,153,221 and 9,412,348.